Lead Designer "Chicken Squad"

Full Time - Starting Soon



As the Lead Designer, you will work closely with and support the Art Director through a
combination of hands on concept design work as well as helping to mentor more junior
members of the art team and provide feedback or guidance where necessary in order to
help maintain the artistic vision and style of the show as new content is created. The role
requires a high level of versatility and the ability to adapt to different tasks as needed. You
are highly proactive, organized, self-driven, and strive for quality in every aspect of the
work you do.


- Create concept art for characters, environments, and props, including orthographic
turnarounds and model packets.
- Assist in creating art for background mattes, color keys, lighting keys, and other
illustration and key art.
- Assist Art Director in providing guidance and feedback to more junior art team members.
- Assist Art Director in reviewing and providing detailed feedback on work form overseas

- Online portfolio demonstrating a strong sense of light, value, color, and composition - as
well as an ability to adapt to working in different artistic styles.
- Portfolio showing a particular strength in designing whimsical, cute, and appealing
designs that translate well in 3D.
- Excellent draftsmanship and painting skills in both traditional and digital formats.
- Ability to quickly concept and iterate on ideas.
- A self starter, the ability to take minimal direction and run with it.
- Excellent communication skills and the ability to take direction and accept critical review
of your work.
- Strong understanding and experience in a 3D pipeline as it relates to moving from initial
concept design to production ready 3D assets.
- Some basic Maya experience (or comparable 3d software) a plus.
- Excellent attention to detail for both aesthetic and technical quality.

“This is not an entry level position. Candidates must have at least 3-5 years experience in 3D pipeline in
either the animation or gaming industry to be considered.”

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