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Wild Canary

Animation Series


Job Summary: Environment or background designers visually explore and collaborate in the creation of animated worlds and their interior logic through the depiction of design ideas, dramatic story moments, mood and tonal pieces, and prop and vehicle designs. Artists also prepare technical designs for downstream departments including technical orthographic drawings, breakdowns, and full render texture reference to inform the art direction of downstream departments.

We’re looking for Environment Designers who have a rich imagination, a sense of whimsy and appeal, stylistic versatility, and masterful drawing and painting skills. Expertise in design, perspective, color, architectural and organic forms, and a general knowledge of the CG process are also key skills in breathing life into our worlds. The ability to work both traditionally and in digital media including 3d is appreciated. We welcome artists who will bring fresh and unexpected viewpoints to our filmmaking and our team. We encourage and embrace original thinking and passion.


Job Requirements: • Design and paint inspiring worlds and moments based on a director’s vision.  Execute detailed technical drawings to expedite collaboration with other departments in the pipeline. Know your research and inspire through your art. • Collaborate with and address notes from a Supervising Artist in completion of all assignments • Attend and contribute to Art Department Meetings • Proficiency in Photoshop • At least 2-3 years of studio professional experience preferred • Bachelor’s degree or equivalent experience • Portfolios Should Include: Paintings and environment designs that demonstrate stylistic versatility and a strong understanding of specificity, storytelling, observation, mood, clarity, staging, color, perspective, and appeal.• Drawings of narrative moments, character and environment interactions encouraged • Observational sketches and studies



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