Animatic Editor

Animation Series


The Animatic Editor will create a video of storyboard panels, dialog, music, and sound effects to serve as animation reference.


Is responsible for:

·      Generate a rough assembly cut of the episode based on the script and director’s notes, and will adhere to strict timing lock guidelines.

·      Participate in animatic assembly reviews with director and other creative department heads and will maintain responsibility for all revisions.

·      Generate an output of the locked animatic and prepare for shipping to vendor studios.

·      Ensure production staff is made aware of pickup lines, scratch dialog, temp music, and SFX.



Well versed in Adobe Premiere, strong media management and organization, ability to work under tight deadlines, ability to work independently and self manage schedule deadlines, comfortable liaising with various levels of production staff. Minimum 1 year experience as animatic editor on an animated series.

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