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Wild Canary

Animation Series

Job Summary: A character designer translates a director’s ideas into drawings, creating designs that service character personality, movement, and performance and provide a wide range of expression for animators to act with on screen. Character designers also provide technical turnarounds, pose pages, and expression sheets to inform character creation in modeling and rigging. They are also responsible for drawings and color packets to explain the construction and detail of character costuming to inform surfacing and simulation. We’re looking for experienced Character Designers who have a rich imagination, a sense of whimsy and appeal, and solid volumetric drawing abilities. An understanding of color, shape, and anatomy are also key skills needed to breathe life into our characters. We want designers who will bring fresh and unexpected viewpoints to our work and our workplace.


Job Requirements: • Design characters based on the director’s vision • Execute detailed character technical drawings to expedite collaboration with other departments in the pipeline • Color, light and render characters to a finish • Collaborate with and address notes from a Supervising Artist in completion of all assignments in a timely manner • Attend and contribute to Art Department Meetings • Familiarity with Photoshop • At least 2-3 years of studio professional experience preferred • Bachelor’s degree or equivalent experience • Portfolios Should Include: • Character designs in a range of styles and archetypes, all with specific and clear personality and appeal • Drawings of character moments and relationships • Observational sketches & studies • Work that demonstrates an understanding of acting, observation, volume, anatomy, staging, and movement  

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